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RuffHouse Studios Flowermate Hybrid X Vaporizer Review

RuffHouse Studios gives us the pleasure of reviewing the Flowermate Hybrid X Vaporizer. We appreciate RuffHouse Studios for taking the time and giving a thorough run through of the Hybrid X. A Smiss sub-ohm eliquid tank is included with the Hybrid X along with a concentrate pod, dry herb pod, and necessary cleaning and charging tools for proper maintenance of the device. Highlighted are the multiple functions of the Hybrid X. Firstly, the function as a dry herb vaporizer. Illustrated is the proper use on how to prepare your session with dry herb and the ease of producing vapor with the Hybrid X. Next, the concentrate pod is demonstrated and we see the Hybrid X is able to reach temperatures to vape concentrates. Lastly we see the unique functionality of the 510 thread box mod. The Hybrid X is able to support sub-ohm tanks or any other 510 liquid tanks on one side while also incorporating a dry herb/concentrate vaporizer on the other side. Flowermate’s Hybrid X is designed with the latest in vaporizer technology and strives to bring the eliquid and dry herb vaping communities together.

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