Stainless Steel Pods


Product description

Compact Storage Containers
Easy to Fill and Use on the Go
Convenient way to pre-fill your Flowermate device
Load Multiple Pods for Travel Use

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Stainless Steel Pod

The prepared dry herb containers (Stainless Steel Pod) are enjoyment on the go and hassle-free. FlowerMate gives you maximum flexibility as you can pre-fill the capsules from home. Just put the capsule into your Flowermate device and it’s ready to use. The Stainless Steel Pod protects the dry herb chamber which makes it easier to clean.


A capsule for oils, liquids, and concentrates is available as an option. The Pods are compatible with:

V5.0S Mini
V5.0S Pro
V5.0S Pro Mini
V5.0X Mini
Flowermate Dry
Flowermate Hybrid
V3.0S Air

Whats Included:

1 x FlowerMate Stainless Steel Pod

Weight 1.0000 lbs


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